OMR scanner Vs OMR software

Many people do not know about the difference between OMR software and OMR scanner. The OMR scanner is a special machine (OMR scanning machine) that can both scan and read the OMR sheets. However, this is an expensive and bulky equipment. However, today, this is considered to be old technology as it has been replaced by the OMR software. This new technology reads, evaluates and processes the data of scanned OMR sheets. Hence, a special scanner is not used for this purpose. The work of scanning OMR sheets can be done with the help of a simple image scanner.


OMR image scanner v/s OMR scanning machines

If you ask which is better: the OMR image scanner or the OMR scanning machine, the answer would be the former. As the processing of the OMR sheets is done by the OMR software, you can get the scanning done on a flatbed or ADF image scanner. This is a new process and is highly recommended as it is accurate, affordable and efficient. On the other hand, the OMR scanning machine is based on the old technology that follows the conventional process and is pricey.


Price advantage

The OMR software eliminates the need of using expensive OMR scanning machines. Instead, normal document and image scanners are sufficient. These scanners are easily available with your local computer vendor and can be bought at less than Rs. 10,000. Also, unlike the OMR scanning machine, this software does not require special OMR printing or process. These sheets cost less than 50 paise per sheet. It is also possible to used photocopied OMR sheets on this software.

In the debate of OMR scanner v/s OMR software, the latter wins hands down. It is a much better alternative to OMR scanner, as it helps you to save money.