Omr Test Software Graphical Performance Analysis Report

OMR test software graphical performance analysis report

Addmen's OMR software possesses the feature of generating reports to display the results. While this is done automatically in case of OMR sheet testing, reports of subjective exams can also be displayed with this software. For this, you have to import the marks or scores from Excel to the software or type them manually. One of the test report formats provided by the OMR software is the graphical performance analysis report.

The OMR test software graphical performance analysis report provides detailed graphical description of the performance of the students. The scores of the students are displayed using pie diagrams and bar graphs. The graphical reports are also used as comparison reports. Let us take a look at the features of this type of report.

  • The report begins by providing the basic information of the student, which includes his name and roll no.
  • This section also contains important components of the results which include test name, rank, score and percentile achieved by the student. You can also view the maximum, minimum and average scores of the test.
  • This is followed by the names and marks of five toppers of the test.
  • You can view the marks received by the student in the pie diagram format. These can be seen both in subject-wise distribution as well as difficulty-wise distribution.
  • The graphical report not only provides the scores of the current test but also of the tests attempted in the past.
  • There are several bar graphs that present the overall and subject-wise performance of the student in comparison to the maximum score, minimum score and average score (comparison parameters). The marks of the student are also compared to that of top five scorers using bar graphs.
  • You can also view negative mark analysis and difficulty level analysis of the students' marks in comparison to the above provided comparison parameters. These are also compared with the marks of top scorers.
  • At the end of the report, you can also find the question paper analysis report which is in the tabular form and analyzes the performance of the student question by question.

The OMR test software graphical performance analysis report is a great tool for students to view and analyze their performance in detail and with much clarity due to the graphical representation of the results