Best OMR Software

Addmen's OMR software is undoubtedly the best OMR software. It is a product that is used by more than 2500 organizations in almost 15 countries. This software has made OMR sheet reading easy, fast and efficient. Moreover, it is also possible to design, calibrate and print OMR sheets with the help of this software. We have made OMR solutions quite economical and easy to use. Let us find out why Addmen's OMR software is known as the best OMR software.



Our credibility can be known from the fact that our OMR product is used by several critical examination bodies, government organizations and high ranking institutes. IIT JEE, which is one of the critical entrance examinations of India, uses this software for reading and processing the sheets. Our extremely prestigious clientele is the proof of our credibility and efficiency.


Strong Technical Support

We at Addmen understand that good marketing can bring new clients but to make them stay with us, we need to provide good product as well as good services. We do not just deliver an awesome product but also provide the necessary technical support for the users to use it well. Our client list grows in thousands, and we have a well-trained team that has the potential of helping all of them. We get queries of more than fifty users every single day.

Our pro-active and consistent services have helped us to gain a strong clientele who have renewed the software license multiple times. All this has been possible only because of our support team, which is three times bigger than our administration and marketing team.


Unique Product

We guarantee that our product is 100% original. We do not copy or replicate other OMR software. Our product is the result of the feedback and ideas provided by our clients. Also, our software development team constantly researches and works to stay at par with the new technology and provide the best to our client.


Integrated Multiple Software and Services

In the last 12 years, we have come across several types of requirements from our clients. To ensure that we fulfill each one of them, we have come up with complete OMR solutions. This umbrella includes OMR standard and advanced version, online result interface, OMR server version, online institute management system and online test system. In case an organization that has been using the OMR software wants to implement the online test system, we can provide an integrated version where the information received from both can be combined.


Research and Growth

Addmen's OMR software has received the status of being best due to the ideas and hard work of our team. We strive to provide the best to our clients. We have developed our software with the help of the feedback and suggestions received from our clients over the course of 12 years. As we offer everything that customers need for their OMR process, Addmen today is the best OMR software in the country.


Best Features for Best Price

The Addmen OMR software is divided into three modules and hence one has to pay only for the software that one needs. This makes buying the software quite affordable. Also, the software comes with a designing feature. Moreover, printing and scanning can be done using regular printer and image scanners, respectively. Overall it can be said that Addmen OMR software causes only 10% of the total cost of the OMR scanning machine. This way you save a lot of money while you get the best quality OMR software solutions.



A quick comparison of Addmen OMR software with other OMR software and machine based solutions would give you a clear idea as to why this software is the best.

Other OMR Software Solutions

Need to use OMR scanner machines. No accurate or good OMR software was available.

Cost of OMR scanning machine can be anywhere between Rs. 3.5 lacs to 50 lacs. It is expensive.

The thickness of the paper and the way the paper is cut are crucial when it comes to the accuracy of the results.

The speed of the scanner would determine the speed of reading and checking the sheets.

Addmen OMR Software

No need to use OMR scanning machine. The software reads OMR sheets scanned using regular image scanners.

The price of the scanner would depend on your budget. The software reads sheets scanned by a regular scanner as well as a professional high speed scanner.

The results provided by the software are 100% accurate even in case the sheets are tilted or skewed.

The software has the ability to read and evaluate at least 3 sheets in one second.


OMR Machine Based Solutions

The physical presence of the OMR machine was necessary for scanning and processing the sheet.

Scanners are bulky and expensive.

A trained technician is needed for updating, repair, maintenance of the machine.

Making amendments or changes in the machine is a time taking process.

Addmen OMR Software

The physical presence of the software is not necessary.

The sheets can be scanned anywhere and sent via email or FTP.

Updating and maintenance of the software can be done from a distant place.

Customizing or changing the features of the software can be done quickly.