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The OMR software by Addmen comes with three modules which are the OMR sheet checker software, OMR form reader software and question bank generator software. Among the three, the first module, i.e., the OMR answer sheet checker software is used to check OMR answer sheets (specially designed sheets that are used for objective or multiple-choice questions). Along with reading the OMR sheets, the software acts as an examiner and evaluates the sheet and even generates a detailed report for every student.

OMR Answer Sheet Designing Module

The OMR sheet designing feature is available with the modules A and B of Addmen OMR software. It is an integral feature of the product, i.e., you do not have to buy it separately. Using the OMR sheet designing software, you will be able to create different styles of OMR answer sheets and forms.

Graphic Overview of OMR Software Work Process for MCQ Test Checking and Form Reading

OMR Answer Sheet

Description of 3 Different Modules for Different Purposes in Addmen Optical Mark Recognition Software

Module A : OMR sheet checker (MCQ test checking)

  • As mentioned earlier, the OMR answer sheet checker is not only for used for reading the answer sheets but also for checking the answers and calculating the scores received by the students.
  • The software has the feature of generating various forms of reports which include mark lists, graphical reports, tabular reports, etc.
  • This software is also used to read OMR elements (test ID, roll no., set no., etc.) that are integral part of the test processes.
  • The software processes the OMR sheets at a high speed (3 sheets in a second). Also, the speed does not hamper the results in any way. We guarantee 100% accurate results.

Module B : OMR Form Reader (Data Collection)

  • The main job of the OMR form reader is collecting data from the OMR forms or sheets. It helps to collect information from admission forms, feedback forms, questionnaires, application forms, etc. printed on OMR sheets.
  • It has the ability to read different types of OMR blocks and transfer the information into any desired output like Excel sheet.
  • A thing that makes it different from module A of the OMR software is that it cannot evaluate the data or information provided by the OMR sheets.

Module C : Question Paper Generator (Managing Question Bank)

  • The sole purpose of the question paper generator is to help users to generate question papers with ease.
  • You have to create a blueprint for the question paper by mentioning the subject, topic, number of questions and such other things. With the help of the definition provided, the software picks random questions from the already-prepared question bank.
  • With just a click, you can create different sets of the same question paper too, to prevent copying and other such malpractices.
  • The answer set of the question paper is also created automatically by the question paper generator software.

Difference between OMR Answer Sheet Checker and OMR Form Reader

The purpose of using the OMR answer sheet checker and the OMR form reader is different. The former is used for checking the answers of MCQ type or objective type questions, while the latter is used for collecting data. To avoid confusion of any kind amongst the users, Addmen decided to offer the Addmen OMR software in two different modules.

OMR Answer Sheet Checker

Used for: MCQ Test Checking & Result Preparation

  • Assessment & Evaluation
  • Recruitment & Selection Tests
  • Psychometric & IQ Analysis

This software has the ability of processing the data provided on the OMR sheet quite elaborately. But the ability of reading different types of OMR blocks is limited.

OMR Form Reader

Used for: OMR Data Collection

  • Application forms, Admission Forms
  • Questionnaires, Survey, Feedback Forms
  • Attendance Sheets, Marks Award Sheets
  • Ballot Paper, Check Lists , Process Cards

This software can read myriad of OMR blocks to collect data from the OMR sheets. But it does not have the ability to process the information.