OMR Form Reader

The OMR form reader is an inbuilt facility provided with Addmen's OMR software. This software does not evaluate the sheets like the answer sheet checker but only collects the information. As this reader software can process loads of OMR sheets instantly, these are generally used for reading OMR sheets in the form of application forms, admission forms, ballot sheets, attendance sheets, survey, feedback, research questionnaires, registration forms and checklists in process control and quality control activities. With this note, let us take a look at the features of the OMR reader software.

  • The OMR sheet reading software reads the sheets and imports the data in Excel, Access, XML, SQL as well as CSV.
  • Its designing software helps you to create different types of OMR forms, both single sided as well as duplex.
  • You can also create OMR forms with unique barcodes or variable data using this software.
  • Apart from OMR, it also has the ability to read OCR, ICR, barcode and image blocks.
  • OCR or Optical Character Recognition is used for reading pre-printed form numbers while with the barcode reading facility helps to read OMR sheets with variable data.
  • ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) is used for reading handwritten content on the form. Components like name, addresses, phone numbers, etc. are captured with the help of ICR and are stored in SQL or Access database. These images are also available in Excel format.
  • The OMR form reader software is a great tool if you have to read a huge number of OMR forms in a short span of time.
  • Small scanning errors are auto-corrected by the software. The skewed or tilted OMR sheets are corrected before reading. There is no need to rescan the sheets and the chances of rejection due to errors are also less.
  • The accuracy of the software is 100% right from the time of collecting the data to report generation.