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OMR Form Reader

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The second module of the three modules of the OMR software is the OMR form reader. This software is created to collect information from OMR forms. Usually, a large number of people fill application forms, admission forms, questionnaires, survey forms, etc. Analyzing every form manually can be quite a time taking job. However, if these forms are designed in the OMR format, these can be processed in a little amount of time.

The difference between the OMR answer sheet checker (Module A) and the OMR form reader (Module B) is that the former can read the sheet and evaluate the answers. However, Module B is meant for OMR forms where there is no need for evaluation. The software reads the dark marks on the sheets and exports the data to Excel, Access, XML, CSV, etc.

One of the best things about the Addmen OMR form reader software is that it can read different varieties of fields. It possesses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology that helps to read pre-printed text like numbers, barcodes, etc. On the other hand, ICR or Intelligent Character Recognition technology can read handwritten text and translate it into digital text. Photographs or images present on the OMR sheet can also be read by this software.

Another important feature present in the OMR software is the sheet designing software. This is an inbuilt feature that comes with the software. This helps you to create different types of OMR forms on your own. The process of designing and calibrating the OMR forms is extremely easy.

The OMR form reader software provides 100% accurate results. So get this software today if you have to process a large number of OMR forms.

OMR Sheet Checker Software

OMR Answer Sheet Check Software is a convenient and a time-saving way to evaluate the answer sheets from objective exaominations. OMR Software reads black marks from OMR Answer Sheets and produces detailed reports that teachers and professors use to determine the knowledge/eligibility of the candidates.

While the OMR Software Solution saves a lot of time, it is indeed the exam committee and the evaluation centers that benefit the most, as the software facilitates in-depth analysis of students and look for ways to help improve their learning experience.

OMR Form Reader

OMR Form Reader is used typically for collecting a large amount of data from OMR Forms, including survey questionnaires, feedback forms, application forms etc.

OMR Form reader uses Optical Character Reading (OCR) to capture printed text and numbers from the forms. It can also capture photographs and candidate signatures.

OMR Form Reader

Fig.: OMR Form Reader

OMR Form Reader

Fig.: OMR Form Designer

OMR Form Reader software

Fig.: Export Data

OMR Form Reader

Fig.: Excel

Accuracy of OMR Results

Addmen OMR Software is built to deliver 100% accurate results.

Other OMR solutions in the market might not be able to accurately process tilted or misaligned sheets. But Addmen OMR Software is equipped with an auto-aligner that automatically calibrates excessively tilted or rotated OMR sheets to validate for reading.

The thickness and the quality of the paper you use for OMR sheet printing and the number of OMR sheets to be read Doesn't really matter while determining the accuracy of the Software's functioning.

The OMR Software comes with a defect detection mechanism that suto-adjusts the OMR Reader parameter while you scan different modes in the same lot and brings down the chances of sheet rejections to almost zero.

Computer/PC Requirement for OMR

OMR Sheet Reader is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows7 and Windows 8/8.1.

You need not necessarily require an internet connection for scanning the sheets using the OMR Software.

Speed of OMR Software

Able to scan over 500 sheets and deliver instant results in a matter of 10-15 minutes on a well configured PC.

The speed of processing is not in any way affected by the total number of OMR sheets to be read.

OMR Software Cost

OMR software is priced at just 10% of the cost of an OMR scanner machine. Additional costs incurred in specialized OMR sheet printing is also curbed with the software solution.

The OMR software comes as a complete replacement to the old and expensive OMR scanner machines.

OMR Result on Website

Addmen also offers an online result module priced separately, which you can link it to your website; so the students can access their results online from anywhere. With the OMR software you can also get the results in graphical charts.

Addmen OMR Software Operation

STEP 1 > Define OMR Test

Set OMR Test Name, Test Date, Specify the subjects and the number of MCQs per section.

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STEP 2 > Set OMR Test Answer Key

Manually Feed or copy-paste OMR Test Answer Key from Excel sheet, or extract the answers by an OMR Sheet. filled with all the correct answers. Set Marking Schemes & Topic Tags.

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STEP 3 > Check OMR Sheets

Read & Store OMR Sheet Scanning data. Runtime validation of wrong filling by candidates.

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STEP 4 > View OMR Results

Calculate OMR Result, view marklists, statistical reports, detailed graphical analysis & detailed OMR sheet data in pre-defined layouts or export the result to downloadable Access or Excel formats.

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MCQ OMR Test Management Features

  • Create and store any number of OMR tests.
  • Automatically evaluate multiple sets of sheets simultaneously.
  • Cancel questions and set bonus marks for incorrect questions.
  • Supports Decimal Marking, Bonus Marking, and Complex Marking schemes used in IIT JEE and other competitive exams.
  • Filling mistakes and reading errors, like blank, invalid or duplicate ID, Wrong Test paper set etc.
  • Use the "Re-Evaluate Data" function can be used in case you change the Basic Answer Key following the evaluations. Unlike with the OMR scanners, there is no need for rescanning the sheets.
  • Supports manual scoring and validation too.

MCQ OMR Test Results

  • Many choices of grading schemes – Percentage / Percentile / Test Rank / Class Rank etc.
  • Sort the results by Name / Student ID / Rank Reporting etc
  • Obtain Graphical Analysis Reports, Detailed Test Group Analysis and Individual Candidate Analysis Reports
  • Multi-column reports for multiple subject OMR Tests
  • Get results according to the subject/topic.
  • Reports are available in readily printable formats
  • Export the results in PDF/EXCEL/CSV formats etc.
  • Send results via SMS / email or display the result online.